Private Clients

Private Clients

We are Landscape Gardeners with over 20 years experience of garden design projects for our private clients and are skilled in all aspects of building your show garden from concept through to implementation including planting, fencing, patios, water features and lawns.

We can also undertake subsequent garden/ground maintenance if required.


Corporate Sponsorship/Volunteering

Corporate Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate that your organisation is concerned with the environment and the community.

Grateful thanks to our two long-term sponsors Bulldog Tools for their 10 years of support and to Worx for their 5 years of support.

Training Programmes

It can be a very rewarding way for your employees to feel a real sense of achievement and also increase your brand awareness in the local community as well as at national level.

Contact us for more information.

Training programmes

Training Programmes

We aim to help people by providing training and valuable work experience through formal work placement and volunteering, thereby guiding young people towards employment and making the most of their talents.

We provide them with opportunities to display their new talents at events such as the Hampton Court Flower Show.

We aim to bring communities together by improving open spaces and creating a greener environment for people and wildlife.


Environmental Services

Environmental Services
We provide services for the community, in landscaping, cleaning the waterways and promoting wildlife, helping create further opportunities for employment.

By partnering with local communities and bringing them closer to wildlife and nature, creating sustainable communities with initiatives which cut across social boundaries. Redesigning open spaces for the community and wildlife can live side by side thereby promoting a greener way of living and working.


Japanese Knotweed/Giant Hogweed


Both are non-native species and highly invasive, specialist treatment is required for their removal and disposal. The treatments we employ include stem injection and spraying.

WARNING do not touch or attempt to remove these plants yourself, they can cause serious skins burns. Contact us first with a photo and location.


Get involved by volunteering


Come along to one of our organised work days and help maintain the quality of your local environment.

We train groups of volunteers to keep an eye on the river and survey the wildlife all year round, from invertebrates and water voles to migrating birds.

We are pleased to announce that we will be at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show again this year with a World War I themed garden and would welcome volunteers.